BluE H10-10


From the company KSTAR, WARIS energy offers a 3-phase all-in-one energy storage system with CATL battery technology for private and commercial applications.
The basic version consists of a 10 kW hybrid inverter and 2 storage modules with a cumulative energy capacity of 10.24 kWh.
The possibility of modular expansion to up to 40.96 kWh storage capacity, the integrated emergency power function and quick and easy installation make the Energy Storage System versatile in combination with protection class IP65.
The all-in-one energy storage system is also available in a single-phase version.



WARIS energy presents an outdoor all-in-one energy storage system from KSTAR.
With its IP54 protection class the 3-phase hybrid inverter with 50 kW in conjunction with a 100 kWh storage system with CATL LFP battery technology is suitable for outdoor installation.
Pre-installed at the factory, the system is easy to install on site. The double fire suppression system and the 1+1 redundancy design make it a safe application.

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