Power range 5 - 15 kW

WARIS energy offers the product family of 3-phase X3 HYBRID G4 inverters from the SOLAX product portfolio.
The hybrid inverters offer efficiency and safety. Benefit from features such as up to 200% PV oversizing and high charging and discharging efficiency as well as IP65 protection and simple one-person installation.
Contact us about our complete packages with the matching Triple Power battery modules!



Power range 15 - 30 kW

WARIS energy provides you with the X3 ULTRA hybrid inverter generation from SOLAX for commercial and industrial applications.
A robust emergency power supply and 2 independently managed battery connections are just some of the highlights, along with PV oversizing of up to 200%.
Ask us about our complete packages with the suitable Energy Storage Solutions!



Power range 5 - 32.5 kWh

WARIS energy supplies SOLAX Triple Power batteries with reliable LFP battery cell technology.
The IP65 protection enables both indoor and outdoor installations.
Stackable battery modules contribute to quick and easy one-person installation.
The large capacity range in steps of 2.5 kWh each offers flexibility at all times.



Power range 7.2 - 46.8 kWh

The efficient Triple Power batteries from SOLAX with LFP battery cell technology enable a continuous charging and discharging current of up to 50A. The battery modules of 3.6 kWh each are easily stackable for installation by one person.
The IP65 protection for indoor and outdoor installation and the large capacity range ensure a flexible and custom-fit application.

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